Monday, August 1, 2016

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 weeks
Days since transfer: 157 days
Total weight gain: +19.2 {I lost a little this week...not sure how that happened}
Maternity clothes? Yep! Although this week is going to be my biggest challenge yet: work clothes! Since I mostly work from home now, and it's summer, my maternity wardrobe reflects those not exactly office professional. But I am working in the office this week, so we'll see how this goes {and what will fit!} 
Sleep: I have felt more tired this week. Definitely sleeping more and finding that I actually need more sleep. I take my B-12 shot today, so I will be interested to see how that plays a role in my energy levels over the next week or so.
Best moment {s} of the week: Hearing that my antibody screen came back negative {I am RH negative, which could potentially be a problem with babies}. It was a relief to know that my body hasn't developed antibodies against our babies! And when, on seeing my growing bump for the first time in awhile, Mike's sweet co-worker said I looked like I had {only} swallowed a grape. Bless her. Because we all know it's not true {or I should get an award for swallowing the largest grape on record}, but I SO appreciate her saying it anyway :)
Cravings: Cold things? Ice water, popsicles...anything to cool off in the summer heat!
Symptoms: Breathing. Ya'll. Such a simple thing that has become increasingly more difficult. I find myself out of breath after doing practically nothing. And I have also been experiencing some indigestion...that's a completely new thing for me. I had several nights where I had to figure out a way to sleep sitting up just so I could relieve the discomfort and breathe. So the next couple of months should be interesting. Oh, and I have struggled a bit this week with my intestines slowing down. Not a super fun symptom, but really thankful my Crohn's symptoms have been virtually non-existent during pregnancy so far.
Looking forward to: Meeting our babies! I know we still have some time {and I certainly don't want to meet them too early}, but the closer we get, the more excited I get about meeting them. What will they look like? What will their little personalities be like?


Size of baby? About the size of a rutabaga {does anyone actually eat this?} or napa cabbage, a baseball glove, or a prairie dog :)
Development: Babies' lungs and air sacs are continuing to develop, and their nostrils are starting to open. Their hair is thickening and they may even have a hair color by now. They can now tell which way is up and down, so they are using their new-found balance to {hopefully} rotate toward the correct birthing position {head down}. 
Heartbeat: Both were strong at my OB appointment at 24 weeks + 2 days.
Movement: Constant! And absolutely wonderful. Supposedly they are going to start being "rocked" to sleep by my movement, which means they will be more active when I am resting. I feel like I have already had some of that, but we shall see how their routines play out...
Gender: We're having a BOY and a GIRL :)

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