Monday, August 15, 2016

27 Weeks

Is it me, or did babies grow A LOT since last week??

How far along? 27 weeks {hello third trimester!}
Days since transfer: 171 days
Total weight gain: +22.8
Maternity clothes? Yep! I was actually excited to find a sale at Destination Maternity so that I could have some cute {but mostly comfortable} dresses for my baby showers :)
Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good. I have nights where I sleep with no problem, but other nights where I wake up and just cannot go back to sleep {mostly because I can't get comfortable, can't breathe, etc}. 
Best moment of the week: Celebrating our first baby shower with family and friends in San Antonio. So many people have prayed for our precious little ones, and it was just so special to be in a room together celebrating all that the Lord has done.
Cravings: Sugar {in any form: ice cream, cookies, sweet tea...} But mostly because I am watching my sugar intake a little more closely in preparation for my glucose test in a couple of weeks. 
Symptoms: Still feeling pretty good, but definitely slowing down. My feet tend to hurt by the end of the day, and I find myself taking breaks often when I am out and about or doing things. 
Looking forward to: Seeing our babies again at our appointment with the perinatologist. I'm interested to see how much weight they have gained in the past month :)


Size of baby? About the size of a bunch of bananas or cucumber, a camping lantern, or fennec fox :)
Development: Babies' organ systems are pretty much fully developed and now most of their growth is now in their brains. Their brains are growing at a rapid pace and are now beginning to show electrical activity. They can open and close their eyes with ease, and they are packing on the fat!
Heartbeat: Looking forward to hearing those sweet sounds on Wednesday!
Movement: Lots of movement, ALL the time! Baby Boy is active during the day, and Baby Girl is active at night. Which means {in a good way} she is not going to be bothered by her brother's movement or noise. But also means {in a way that we're not excited about} that they currently have opposite schedules. So translation: we're awake 24 hours. We're hoping this changes before and/or when they get here!
Gender: We're having a BOY and a GIRL :)

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