Sunday, August 28, 2016

Showering the Babies :: Dallas

This weekend we had our second baby shower, hosted by my sweet sister-in-law and best friend. When they told me what the theme would be, and I got the adorable invitation in the mail, I just knew this shower would be special. Every little detail was so thoughtful and just so adorable!

These fun boxes turned out to be sweet presents :)

Everything matched, and I LOVED it! They had a Bow Making station and a Diaper Message station, which are both so much fun. Even PK left her own special message! And she was just absolutely adorable; she had been so excited about my party. When I arrived, she came running around the corner, excited to see me, and excited to welcome me to my "birthday party!" Haha- she just had her birthday party and just assumed it was my turn. LOVE HER.

Writing out her message...

Just like with our last shower, it was so sweet and special to have family and friends from all areas of our lives in one room. I loved getting the opportunity to celebrate with so many people who have loved us, prayed for us, and for our babies. And I am so thankful for Lindsay and Laura for not overlooking a single detail to make the day so fun and special.

Woah. Babies.

So much love and generosity!

I had 3 sweet little helpers :)

I am sad that I didn't get many photos with my sweet guests or my hostesses {so sad!} but I am thankful for the couple that I did get...

Sweet community group ladies

Dallas family :)

Mike came toward the end to help load gifts, but really our family had him come so that he could be there to help me open the surprise gifts from them. They all pitched in to get us our double stroller, carseats, and all the accessories we could ever need. It was such a sweet blessing! When we got home, I showed Mike all that we had received, and we decided to put the stroller together...because, why not??

My mom fit inside the box haha

Laying out all the pieces...

Figuring out all the buttons and pieces

Sasha and I just sat back and watched :)

We need to exchange a few pieces, so it's not completely assembled, but the Twin Tank {as Mike affectionately calls it} is almost ready. We are so humbled {yet again} by everyone's generosity. It's crazy how much stuff 2 tiny people can amass :)

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