Monday, August 22, 2016

28 Weeks

I definitely understand why people think I'm further along than I am! Haha- woah babies! :)

How far along? 28 weeks
Days since transfer: 178 days
Total weight gain: +24.4
Maternity clothes? Yep...very few {if any?} regular clothes fit at this point. I'm all in with the maternity wear :)  {and the Magnolia Market shirt I am wearing this week had a double purpose: to have a dry shirt to wear since we were soaking wet in the rain, and to buy a larger t-shirt that actually fits, since most of mine don't anymore haha}
Sleep: I have slept A LOT this week. I have been so tired and apparently need more sleep. Poor Mike...I'm pretty sure he thinks that's ALL I did this week...
Best moment of the week: Seeing our babies again at our perinatology appointment, and hearing that they have healthy organs and are growing right on track!
Cravings: Not really. Just starting to feel more hungry in general again.
Symptoms: This week was the first time that I didn't feel great. I didn't feel bad, necessarily, but I feel like this was the first week where I really felt the weight of pregnancy. I have had to take my rings off at night because my fingers are swollen in the morning when I wake up. Usually that goes down by the afternoon, just in time for my feet to start swelling. It's not too bad yet, but I think it's definitely starting to become more of the norm. My body has felt more achy this week, with a little more joint pain. And the most fun symptom? Apparently I have started snoring. Poor Mike...when I noticed he had slept out in the living room, I asked him if he had had trouble sleeping. As sweetly and gently as he could, he said, "yeah...babies were snoring pretty loudly..."  Haha! My poor light-sleeper hubby...
Looking forward to: Passing my glucose screening test {I'm trying to think positively!} Also looking forward to our maternity photos, having my mama in town, and celebrating our second baby shower! Lots of fun baby things this week :)


Size of baby? About the size of a coconut or head of cauliflower, a rollerblade {??}, or an echidna {a strange animal that looks like the cross between a porcupine and a platypus} :)
Development: Babies are getting better at controlling their own body temperature, and their adrenal glands are now secreting androgen or estrogen. Their wrinkles are starting to disappear as they pack on the pounds, and they are dreaming, coughing, and practicing their breathing.
Heartbeat: At 27 weeks + 2 days, Eli's heartbeat was 169 bpm, and Maddie's heartbeat was 152 bpm. Nice and strong!
Movement: All the time now! :)  Eli still moves a lot more than his sister, and he seems to be a bit stronger too. His kicks are harder, and he must be doing some sort of acrobatics in there, though I'm not sure how he has the room. He definitely seems to like stretching out, as I often feel pressure on my bladder, while also feeling little feet up under my rib cage. Maddie isn't quite as active, though she is definitely moving more now than before. Her sweet little taps are a little bit easier for me to handle, and I'm hoping she flips back into the head down position to stay.
Gender: Our baby boy {Elijah Winn} and our baby girl {Madeline Grace} are growing like crazy!

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