Monday, August 29, 2016

29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks
Days since transfer: 185 days
Total weight gain: +23.8 {my belly has certainly grown, but somehow I lost weight...perhaps the calm before the serious poundage starts to add up??}
Maternity clothes? I was thankful to find some cute {and cheap!} dresses for our maternity shoot and baby shower. The long maxi dresses are definitely my preferred maternity clothing these days, because they are so stinkin' comfortable.
Sleep: Sleep has been off and on this week. Some nights I sleep just fine {only getting up to pee once and going straight back to sleep} , others I have a little more difficulty if babies are moving and I can't seem to get comfortable {slept in the nursery chair one night so I could be sitting up to breathe better}. But overall, I seem to be sleeping pretty well.
Best moment of the week: Passing my glucose test! Also, our maternity photos {SO much fun; I can't wait to see how they turned out!} and our second baby was definitely a fun week full of baby events!
Cravings: Nope.
Symptoms: This week I saw some more swelling {I officially am wearing my wedding rings on a chain around my neck because they were getting a little too tight to wear...}. I felt a little more achy, especially around my joints. It's like my joints are groaning under the extra weight I am carrying around... my fingers {of all things} are the most achy. I find myself constantly trying to work them out because they hurt so much {carpal tunnel, maybe?}  And this was a crazy one: babies were definitely kicking my stomach and I guess squishing it so much that they made me vomit my lunch. No joke; I was in the middle of eating lunch and suddenly had to run to the bathroom and lost everything in my stomach. Apparently with all my organs losing space in there, this happens. So weird.
Looking forward to: Our third baby shower at my office this week and then a 3 day weekend with my love :)


Size of baby? About the size of a Hawaiian pineapple or small cabbage, a Barbie convertible {remember those?}, or a New England cottontail rabbit :)
Development: Babies continue to gain weight, and their muscles and lungs continue to mature. Their eyes are adjusting to their environment, and although their vision still is not perfect, they are becoming much more aware of and sensitive to light {sensitivity to lights turning on in a dark room}. Their bones are also starting to harden a bit more this week.
Heartbeat: Got to hear them again at my OB appointment and both were beating nice and strong!
Movement: Lots of movement this week! And I definitely caught them both with the hiccups at the same time at one point...that was a little fun! I'm sure not for them, but I certainly enjoyed it :)  I'm supposed to start counting baby kicks from now until they arrive, once in the morning, and once in the evening. I know their movement should start slowing as they run out of room in there, but for right now, getting my allotted counts in is not going to be a problem at all.
Current Position: Eli is head down {and apparently positioned ALL the way down, as far as he can go}, and Maddie is now breach. They still have time to move, so I'm hoping Eli stays put, and Maddie flips again :)


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    1. Thanks! Gotta be semi-presentable for a day in the office. But I'm definitely wearing flip flops with too-long pants because NONE of my heels fit this morning 😂