Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shy Babies + Name Reveal!

We had our monthly check up with the perinatologist, and babies are growing right on track! They both have healthy hearts, brains, kidneys, spines and blood flow. To hear the doctor say that both babies are healthy and doing great is music to our ears! 

With 2 in there, the photos are getting a little more difficult to obtain. After he kept hiding his face with his arm, we finally got a few blurry photos of baby boy, but we never could get any of baby girl. They are starting to cover each other, and she was just completely turned away. So we only have a photo of him today, which is a little bit of a bummer, but as long as they're both ok, I guess we can live without a photo...I guess baby girl was just being shy today :)

He had his face right up against the membrane that separates him from his sister...guess it's better than kicking her :)

Baby boy is still head down, but baby girl was flipped today. They still have plenty of time to move positions, so we're praying they both still end up head down. But we'll see!

Baby Boy:
- Heart rate is 169 bpm
- Weighs 2 lbs, 5 oz.

Baby Girl:
- Heart rate is 152 bpm
- Weighs 2 lbs, 10 oz.


We were keeping tight-lipped about names until they were born, because we wanted to introduce our little boy to his namesake when he got here. But we decided to go ahead and share the name with them, so now we are sharing their names publicly. Which I am super excited about, because I have already slipped once {oops} and am ready to start using their names in conversations outside of family. boy is named Elijah Winn {Winn is the namesake of sweet friends and mentors} and baby girl is named Madeline Grace. We chose the names because we liked them, and I was surprised at how easy it was to agree on them. I had kept a list of names that I liked, and Mike went through and picked the ones he liked. He then came back with these names, along with middle names, and I loved them! So our babies will be Eli and Maddie :)

Elijah means "my God is Lord" and Madeline Grace means "God's great grace." Again, we didn't choose names based on meaning, but we thought these still fit pretty well. We're just so excited to meet them, and it's crazy to think that it will be in about 10 {short} weeks!

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