Friday, August 5, 2016

High Five for Friday!

Hellooooo Friday! Today’s theme? Blessings…there are SO many of them! 

{one} I worked in the office this week for one of the executive assistant’s that was out on vacation. It was great to be back in the office and, while many things have changed, it was kind of like riding a bike as I got back into the groove of working with the executives. It’s crazy to think that I left working full time a year ago…the time has gone by so fast! And I was reminded of the incredible blessing that the bank has continued to be to us, as I transitioned into working part time from home. Who gets to do that?? So, so thankful.

{two} I got my second shower invitation in the mail this week! It’s hard to believe that this is actually happening, and I get more and more excited the closer we get! We are surrounded by so much love and support, and it is such an amazing blessing to celebrate with our sweet friends and family. So many people have prayed with and for us, so it is so humbling to be at a point now where we are celebrating with everyone over the blessing of our little ones. I want to soak up every moment!

{three} Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. How fun that those crazy love birds have been married for 37 years?? I do not take for granted that my parents have such an enduring and loving relationship. They are such a great example of commitment and love, and I am always in awe of the forgiveness they show each other, the friendship they cultivate, and the fun they still have together. Happy Anniversary you crazy love birds!

{four} On Tuesday, we hung out with Jon and Sami. We ate dinner together, and then headed to Steel City Pops for dessert. As we walked around and talked with our sweet friends, I couldn’t help but think of the blessing these two have been in our lives. Mike has been friends with them since high school. Sami was the first one to reach out to me when I walked into the 20s group almost 8 years. They both stood beside us on our wedding day. We have served together, laughed and cried together, prayed together, and I couldn’t help but smile to think that Sami and I are currently pregnant together {she with #4, and me with #1 and #2}. While our varying ministries and jobs have led us to different places over the years, it is such a blessing to have deep friendships like these. I will forever be grateful for them.

{five} Wednesday was National Bump Day on social media, so I snapped a photo for fun. I feel like babies were definitely filling out the bump. And you can't see it, but they were having a PARTY in there! Seriously, they would. not. stop. moving. all. afternoon. And it was so fun. So thankful.


Happy Friday! Hello weekend :)

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