Thursday, March 31, 2016

{iPhone Rewind} :: March

Date #8: Dinner at Dona Mary, thanks to Bryan and Christa! #wcsavethedate16

March 6th was National Oreo Cookie Day. Don't have to tell me twice to celebrate! :)

Puppies and thunderstorms don't mix. Poor puppy. She has never handled storms well. But I'm ok with puppy snuggles...

Date #9: Salata + Re|Engage + Sprinkles #wcsavethedate16

Crawfish night with the McCulloughs :)

I started attending this Bible study. I have needed a safe place to process our infertility and miscarriage, and I am so excited about this study. The workbook is intense, but filled with Scripture and truth. This is going to be so good for my soul.

Puppies don't let their humans go to the bathroom alone. Sasha followed me in and sat down. Such a weirdo. But I love her.

Date #10: Cheesecake Factory #wcsavethedate16

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