Monday, March 28, 2016

10 Years of Blogging

Today marks 10 years of blogging. 10 years

I originally started blogging on Xanga, blogging there for about 3 years before I eventually migrated all of those posts here to Blogger. 

My blog has seen quite a few changes over the years. Design-wise, I have used free templates,

bought pre-made templates,

and even tried my hand at my own html design that you see today {wonder if it's time for a change?}

Content-wise, my posts can kind of be all over the place. But even though I may write about random things, I have always tried to keep my blog title in mind {at least when I moved over to blogger and adopted the title}. One Woman's Journey to the Heart of God. If you have read my blog for any extended amount of time, you know that most of my posts are not spiritual in nature. But every time I sit down to write a blog post, I always have the title in the back of my mind. I want what I write to truly be the account of my journey to pursuing the heart of God. Whether that's in the mundane day-to-day, or the really intense mountains and valleys, I want to always remember all that the Lord has done in my life. 

While I haven't blogged about every single thing in my life, I do think this blog shows a fair representation of it. From college, unemployment, and career to marriage, ministry and infertility {and everything in between}, it truly has been a journey. As I reflect back over the past 10 years, I can't help but sit in awe of ALL that the Lord has done. It makes me laugh to read old posts. The way I processed things, the way I struggled or rejoiced over things. But it also makes me smile, because it truly has been my journey with the Lord. Praise God that He works in us to transform our hearts and minds to be more like His Son, and He doesn't leave us as we are. I love that this blog is a place that I can go to reflect back on how the Lord has molded, shaped, and grown me. 

I am excited to see what the next 10 years holds...

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  1. Woo hoo for 10 years of blogging. And oh the Xanga memories. Glad I've been around for these 10 years, looking forward to the next 10 ;)