Monday, March 7, 2016

Embryo Adoption :: Blood Pregnancy Test {FET #3}

With our last 2 transfers, we waited for the nurse to call with our beta results from the blood pregnancy test. This morning I just couldn't help myself...I wanted to know the feeling of peeing on the stick and seeing those magical words {strange, I know...but not to those who have walked the road of infertility}. So I took a deep breath and saw what we have prayed so long for...

The weeks estimator is from ovulation {which in our case, would be 5 days before transfer day}, so I am actually 4 weeks pregnant

And another...because I was worried about a false positive. It took 2 seconds to show up!

I just started weeping and saying, "Jesus! YOU did that, Jesus!"  :)

I still, of course, went in for the blood pregnancy test. And it was such a beautiful moment to hear the nurse say, "Congratulations, Erin! You are pregnant!" She told me that they like to see the first number between 50 and 100. Our number? 1300. 1358 to be exact! I could hardly contain my excitement! I had prayed for 500, so that I could know beyond a shadow of a doubt. He gave me more than 1300...

Jesus. YOU did that, Jesus.

Of course, we know that we're not out of the woods, and my beta number still needs to rise in order to confirm that our babies are growing. But today we praise God for the life He has provided!

How far along? 4 weeks
Beta Number: 1358!!
Days since transfer: 10 days 
Meds: stopped taking Cabergoline; continue Metformin daily, day 30 of Estrace; day 17 of PIO
Total weight gain: -1 {better start focusing on my calorie intake!}
Maternity clothes? WAY too early :)
Sleep: I stayed up late to ensure I could fall asleep. I slept really well...until I had to pee at 4am :)
Best moment{s} of the week: seeing the positive pregnancy tests, hearing the nurse say "you are pregnant!" and seeing Mike's face when I told him the beta number
Miss anything? nope
Cravings: Pickles. No joke. Specifically the sweet gherkins. At least it's not with ice cream ;)
Symptoms: I feel pretty normal. I have been tired from the progesterone, and the last 2 days were a little stressful because I had some cramping and light spotting. But the nurse said it was probably just baby {babies?} snuggling in deeper to my uterus.
Looking forward to: hearing that our beta numbers doubled appropriately


Size of baby? about the size of a poppy seed,  {teeny tiny}
Development: already growing the cell layers that are the beginnings of the nervous system, hair, skin, GI tract, pancreas, liver, thyroid, skeleton, blood system, connective tissue, urogenital system, and muscles...nothing much ;)
Heartbeat: too soon
Movement: too soon
Gender predictions? we're just hoping for 2 healthy babies!

**This post was written at 4 Weeks, but was not published until after we made our official announcement for our second pregnancy. I back-dated to the actual day so we could have all of this for our own records and memories.**

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