Thursday, March 24, 2016

Embryo Adoption :: Hello Babies!

Today we went in for our first ultrasound. To say I was nervous is probably an understatement!

The doctor started the ultrasound, and I immediately started crying when I saw the little bean on the screen. We could see the tiny little flicker of the heartbeat, and we were so ecstatic! She moved around a bit and said, "And here is baby #2!"


Both embryos snuggled in tight! We have prayed for so long, and there are so many prayers being lifted up for these 2 babies in particular. So many happy tears!! :)

Hello babies!! :)

I am 6 weeks + 3 days, but both babies are measuring 6 weeks + 4 days {a good sign of growth!}. It was too early to hear the heartbeats, but we were able to see them flicker on the screen. It was an absolutely incredible moment. We got to see them moving as tiny embryos, and now see their tiny heartbeats. So. Much. Fun.

They also found a subchorionic hemorrhage {SCH}, which is basically a bleeding pocket. My doctor said it should resolve on its own, and she's not worried about it. They're actually very common in IVF pregnancies. It also explains the spotting that I have had. It was kind of strange to see it on the screen, and I'm praying it resolves quickly without affecting our babies.

Baby A:
- Measuring 6 weeks + 4 days at 7.26mm
- Heart Rate is 119 bpm

Baby B:
- Measuring 6 weeks + 4 days at 6.90mm
- Heart Rate is 98 bpm

My estimated due date is November 14, 2016, but it's likely our sweet little ones will come early. We go back in a couple of weeks for another ultrasound to hear the heartbeats and check on their growth. We know it's still very early, but the Lord has provided so much already. We are so thankful for this incredible DOUBLE blessing! :)

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