Saturday, April 30, 2016

{iPhone Rewind} :: April

Sasha HATES baths. She runs when she knows it's coming, and then stands as still as a statue through the whole thing. But she will sit ALL day long for a brush with the FURminator. #diva

Date #11: YouTube Dance Lessons #wcsavethedate16

Date #12: Roy's Restaurant Dinner Date #wcsavethedate16

I got to work on a fun project for my grandma...a family celebration board! It may or may not be posted in our Etsy shop ;)

We got to celebrate Susan's birthday with some Mexican food :)

I made a little trip to Fate, TX to have some wedding invitations hand post-marked for a friend. Because how adorable is that? To have wedding invitations post-marked from Fate?  :)

This is our first spring in the Sherrye house, so we are starting to see the flowers bloom. It's fun to drive up and see a new flower all the time!

When your best friend brings you Panera mac n cheese because you're sick...

Mike's office moved to McKinney this week, and he got to work in a hard hat. Sexy man :)

Date #13: Milkshakes and a movie #wcsavethedate16

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