Friday, April 22, 2016

High Five for Friday!

{one} I'm still here! I feel like I haven't blogged in awhile, and when I have, it has been infused water related. I am taking a break from my IWW posts, mostly because fruit hasn't been good at the grocery store, and I'm waiting for a new season of fruit. So I have just been enjoying plain old ice water with lemon. 

{two} Otherwise, things have been pretty normal around here:
  • Mike is busy at work, getting ready to move locations to McKinney {ironic, I know}
  • I am still working part time from home for the bank, and LOVING it
  • Mike preached at Mercy Church this past weekend, so it was good to be with that church family and old Redeemer friends
  • We're loving our community group, and I am finishing up both the BSF Revelation study and the Shiloh bible study
  • I'm excited to be helping my sweet friend Amy with wedding prep
  • Sasha is turning into a noisy, opinionated old lady...seriously. She's not exactly grumpy, but she has no problem moaning and groaning about everything. And she snores. A lot. And really loudly.
  • It has been raining almost every day this month, and we have had a lot of hail. Thankfully we haven't had severe damage, but we are waiting on some roof repairs.

{three} Random, but we had a garage door opener installed this week. We haven't used the garage much because it takes a lot of effort to manually open the garage door {read: I'm lazy}. With all the crazy storms, we made the decision that it would be worth it to go ahead and get that opener installed. It's AMAZING. It's the the little things, really :)

{four} Yesterday, my mom came into town, and we got to enjoy lunch and pedicures/manicures! It was nice to get some fun girl time with my mom, and I'm alway so grateful when she comes to visit.

{five} My dad actually came into town earlier in the week for a conference, but we haven't been able to see him yet. His conference is over now, so he will be joining us for the weekend. We're looking forward to some fun family time!

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