Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Most Beautiful Sound

Today we had our second scheduled sonogram. We got to see our sweet babies again, and best of all? We got to hear the beautiful sound of their heartbeats. 

Baby A's Heartbeat

Baby B's Heartbeat

Best. Sounds. Ever.

Both babies are growing strong {with one now measuring 4 days ahead!} and we are just so thankful. This was our last official appointment with my RE, and it was definitely bittersweet. We have grown to love my doctor, as well as her staff, and it was sad for us to say goodbye. They have been so wonderful, and I cannot sing enough of their praises. They made a difficult time in our lives so much easier, and I appreciate all of their care, encouragement, and compassion. Of course, in the best possible way, we hope to not to have to see them again for another year or two when we go back for our other 2 embryos.

I will still have to go back to do blood work monitoring, as they start weaning me off of my meds. I will definitely NOT miss the shots in my rear, and can't wait to get rid of those! So I will have the opportunity to say a few last goodbyes to my sweet nurses. 

{Seriously, if you ever find yourself needing to see a fertility specialist in the DFW area, please send me a message, and I would be happy to send you info. I highly recommend my clinic!}

Baby A:
- Measuring 9 Weeks at 22.56mm
- Heart Rate is 163 bpm

Baby B:
- Measuring 8 Weeks + 5 Days at 20.88mm
- Heart Rate is 147 bpm

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