Saturday, April 23, 2016

ER Visit

Nobody ever wants to visit the ER, especially when they're pregnant. But it seems like these little ones are going to keep us on our toes! All is well, but it was a crazy night for sure!

My parents were in town this weekend, and we decided to go see The Jungle Book. We had reserve seating and were ready to enjoy the new luxury loungers. Now this is how to enjoy a movie :)

About 10 minutes before the movie started, something felt off, so I decided to head to the bathroom. When I stood up, I felt a huge gush of blood and knew there was definitely something wrong. By the time I reached the bathroom, I was panicking with how much blood I was losing, and fast.

It's an absolutely terrifying feeling, and it was even worse that I had to text Mike to say I needed to go to the ER. I'm thankful no one else was in the bathroom, because I know I screamed when I saw the blood, and was crying hysterically. My poor parents and brother had to be part of the panic as well, but thankfully we weren't too far from the hospital. My dad may or may not have driven like a wild man to get us there ;)

Our hearts were fearing the worst. We have prayed for so long for these babies, and we were begging God that He would spare them. We got checked in pretty quickly, and waited for the ER doctor and ultrasound tech. I know that ultrasound technicians can't tell you anything, and wait for the doctor to provide news, but it was the longest 10 minutes of my life. I kept trying to read her face, but like a true professional, I couldn't tell either way what she was seeing on the ultrasound screen. Mike was leaning over trying to see, but I couldn't bring myself to look at his face. When she left, the tears fell, and all we could do was wait and pray for good news.

Praise God for His grace and protection...the doctor came in to tell us that all was well. Both babies were measuring ahead and had strong heartbeats. The bleeding seemed to be coming from that pesky SCH that I thought had resolved. It's still not affecting babies, but is still not gone, so I may see more episodes like this. I hate that, but am so thankful that our babies are ok! 

Baby A:
- Measuring 11 weeks + 4 days
- Heart Rate is 174 bpm

Baby B:
- Measuring 10 weeks + 6 days {I am technically 10 weeks + 5 days}
- Heart Rate is 154 bpm

They had some labs done and discovered that I am RH negative, which basically means that my blood doesn't have a protein on its surface that can cause a response from the immune system. It becomes a problem in pregnancy if one or both of the babies are RH positive, because then my body could develop antibodies against the baby {ies}. After consulting with my OB, they decided to go ahead and give me the Rhogam shot. I will probably have to have another one later in my pregnancy.

While we were waiting on labs, one of the ER administrators poked their head in to see if I was comfortable with my family coming back. He said they seemed pretty worried, and probably wanted to come make sure I was ok. Mike and I joked that they were being a nuisance in the waiting room ;)

It was a scary night, for sure. We're thankful for all of the ER staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Allen, who took great care of us and showed incredible compassion. We're thankful for all the prayer warriors that went immediately before the throne on our behalf, and we are thankful for the gracious protection over our little ones. We have been constantly reminded in this process of how little we are in control, and the Lord has been compassionate in showing us grace and providing peace, even in the midst of our panic.

My sweet husband has spent way too much time in hospitals and doctors' offices with me, and through it all, he has been my rock. He has an amazing way of staying calm and keeping me calm, and he takes such good care of me {and now all 3 of us!} I'm so thankful for him, and don't know what I'd do without him. Even if he says I'm a drama queen, and just want things to be all about me :)

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