Monday, January 19, 2009

More Tests

I was finally able to schedule my MRI/MRA/MRV. I have my first session tomorrow at 7:30am and the second session Wednesday at the same time. Each session will be about an hour and a half, so please pray that I am able to stay still for that long! A friend was kind to ask, "What if you have to pee during that time?" LOL. I really hope not. I guess you have to hold it. That's such a long time to be in an enclosed space without moving. I am not clastrophobic, which is good, but that's a long time to lay still. I plan to pray, maybe take a nap, maybe sing...? Haha. It has started me thinking: what do other people do while they are having an MRI? I would be interested to know. People can be weird, and that would be highly entertaining to know what they do or what they think about.
I did find out today that I will be required to have contrast- I am not sure if I will have to drink it or if they will administer it through an IV or through a shot. Of course, I would prefer drinking it, but if that's not an option, please pray for no reactions. I did really well with the blood work (see post below), but you never know...

Please continue praying for peace. I have been doing fine until today. I think it all kind of hit me that all of this is real and could be serious. I'm ok, but am starting to get a little nervous. I think the extent to which they are conducting all of these tests is making it hard (20 vials of blood on Friday, 3 hours worth of MRI tests, etc.). I appreciate the fact that the doctor is being so thorough. It's still scary because so many of the possibilities are fairly serious. I know God is in control, and regardless of what the test results say, He is God and will help me through anything. My analytical mind is just running a mile a minute and is acting as my enemy right now.

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