Monday, January 12, 2009

Eye Doctor Adventures

When I was home for Christmas, I went to have an eye exam so I could get an update on my contact/glasses prescription. While I was there, they noticed some swelling at my optic nerve on my right eye, so they referred me to an opthamologist. Today, I visited the opthamologist that my Teaching Leader recommended. I think I might have to never show my face there again. LOL.

So, apparently, my body tends to have adverse reactions to certain medical procedures. Oh it's great. Dizzy spells, fainting,'s good times. It happens when I get shots or have other medical procedures...and it's never predictable. There could be any number of reasons for it, but mainly I have decided that I am just weird. I can't help it. It's something I have dealt with for a number of years, but never dreamed I would face any issues at the eye doctor. Oh...but out of nowhere it happened again, and again I have offered stories for nurses to tell for future kicks and giggles.

So I went through all of the eye tests (chasing wavy lines on a screen, follow the red line, are you color blind? etc.). This doctor does a yellow dye instead of the puff of air in your eye, so my eyes were yellow for a period of time- creepy. And then came the dilation. I had never had this done before, but I was prepared. They put eye drops in your eyes. Piece of cake. Or so I thought... They put in the numbing drops, which was good. They then put in the first round of dilation drops and told me to count to 200. I made it to about 45 before I felt it coming. That wave...and I knew it was all over from there. I remember telling my brother (who was so sweet to take off of work to come with me- good thing he did!) that I felt dizzy and that I might need a trash can. Then I felt like I was sleeping, and even dreaming about who knows what before I realized that I wasn't supposed to be sleeping, I was supposed to be counting. So I tried to focus on what number I was on, but felt very heavy. It was so strange. There were several people hovering around me: one offering me water, another holding my head, and I could hear my sweet brother's voice telling me that I was ok. It was a strange feeling of drifting in and out of consciousness. After I had lost my breakfast and came to, I was ushered to a back room where they monitored my blood pressure and waited for it to return to normal. Only later did I learn that I had passed out, that 3 or 4 different nurses were helping me, and even a sweet man in the waiting room helped put a chair under my legs to elevate them. My brother said that my arm even involuntarily raised, which is so strange. LOL. I am sure I was a sight. I probably should have been more mortified than I was, but having dealt with this kind of comes with the territory.

The nurses and doctor were wonderful. Everyone was so concerned. I am pretty sure no one else has reacted that way to eye drops. Goodness. How embarassing. I kept trying to convince them that I was fine- once the "wave" passes I am fine. But they wanted to make sure and they took good care of me. When they were convinced that I wasn't going to have another episode, they were able to put in the second round of drops for dilation (which didn't bother me at all...go figure) and they were able to finish the exam. They gave my brother instructions on how to care for me and sent me on my way (I am sure they were glad to see me go!), but not without a hot pair of shades:

Oh glasses are on the outside of the shades. You know you're jealous. I have to laugh about the whole experience. Can you imagine? What a spectacle I make of myself! It was just fitting that I walked out of the office looking this ridiculous. On my way out, a lady in the waiting room stopped and asked me questions about the dilation process (it was her first time too). So as not to worry her, I told her it was no big deal; they just put drops in your eyes and then you get to wear these cool shades.

You can be praying for me because I have to repeat the process over again. Yep. I now have to go see a neuro-opthamologist to have some further examinations. They want to rule out some things, make sure everything's ok. They will have to dilate my eyes again. But don't worry...the fax that was sent over to the new doctor gave sufficient warning to the patient's reaction to dilation...

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