Friday, May 6, 2016

Level II Ultrasound

Today we went in for our Level II Ultrasound with the perinatologist {also known as a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor}. We were going to check on our babies and see how they were growing. There can be extra concerns with twins, so my OB wanted me to see this specialist to have a more in-depth sonogram. 

We got to watch our babies move and play on the ultrasound screen, which was super fun! The doctor showed us all of their tiny organs, their fingers and toes, their belly buttons, etc. It was amazing what we could see! And the really fun part is that we found out their gender...we are having a BOY and a GIRL!! Excited doesn't seem like a big enough word!

Unfortunately, my subchorionic hemorrhage is still there, but doesn't seem to be affecting our babies. I will have to deal with that for a little while longer, but as long as our babies stay healthy, I can handle that. I will have to check on that every 2-3 weeks and continue on my restrictions, but for now, babies are healthy and growing! And SUPER active :)

After several of our appointments, we have often stopped at IHOP for breakfast. So we decided to keep the tradition going, and we enjoyed a celebratory breakfast. Boy/Girl Twins! It's so fun to actually have a little glimpse of what our family will look like!

Date #14: Sonogram and IHOP #wcsavethedate16

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