Monday, May 16, 2016

14 Weeks

How far along? 14 weeks {hello second trimester!}
Days since transfer: 80 days
Total weight gain: +3.8
Maternity clothes? Not quite yet, but I think we're getting closer! Stretchy anything is the way to go these days.
Sleep: I am still sleeping pretty well, but have noticed I am slowly starting to gain some energy back...thank goodness!
Best moment of the week: Seeing a definitive {tiny} little bump show up to stay. Even though I know there are 2 babies in there, I have to say that I just kinda feel fat haha.
Cravings: No real cravings this week. But I think all aversions have stopped, so that's a good thing. Just continuing to eat a WHOLE lot.
Symptoms: I have still been feeling pretty good. I am starting to wean off my nausea medicine again, so we'll see if the nausea is really gone for good.
Looking forward to: Seeing my parents this weekend!


Size of baby? About the size of a lemon or brilliant beet, a troll doll, or a house mouse {about 3.5 inches}
Development: Babies are making faces in the womb! They are figuring out how to control the muscles in their faces, so they're squinting, frowning, and even pouting. Babies are also starting to grow hair and eyebrows. Their immune systems are starting develop, producing white blood cells so they can fight infection after birth.
Heartbeat: The tiny hearts are beating away! It's still the most beautiful sound when we get to hear them.
Movement: Still too early to feel them, but they should be making more deliberate movements now. Mike says they're probably making faces at each other :)
Gender predictions? We know early...we're having a BOY and a GIRL!

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