Friday, May 20, 2016

High Five for Friday!

{one} We have been on the hunt for a new family vehicle, and we finally found the right one! We knew we wanted a Honda Pilot, and we have been praying for the right deal. Mike has been faithfully scouring the internet for deals, so when this one popped up, we knew we needed to check it out. We had to drive out to Fort Worth, but it was totally worth the trip. Thanks to Justin at Moritz Chevrolet for making the process painless and simple! We will keep Peabody {my Mazda}, but Mike will primarily drive it now. We are so thankful for the Lord's provision, and we cannot wait to bring our babies home in The Babymobile :)

Proud owners of a new {to us} Honda Pilot! #startsomethingspecial

{two} I wrapped up the Shiloh Bible study this week. I am so thankful for this ministry, and especially the fact that they open it up to members outside their church. There are several infertility groups out there, but this is such an invaluable ministry. To walk alongside women who have walked the unique road of infertility/loss, and to dive deep into the Word together is so special. And desperately needed. I have learned so much from the brave women who have chosen to press into Jesus and find their joy and rest in Him, even when their worlds are shattering around them. So thankful for the opportunity to walk alongside and pray with them.

{three} I have been working a few more hours the past couple of weeks, because we have begun the insurance renewal process. It still makes me laugh that I left insurance, and yet it still follows me to this day :) But I am grateful for the extra hours, and I am still so thankful that I get to work most of those hours from home. I do have to say that telling the executives that I was pregnant with twins was probably one of the most fun things...they have been so incredibly sweet and supportive. Just another reason I have absolutely loved working for them.

{four} Yeah. So this has already happened.

We found cribs for a good price, and Mike has already put them together! And Sasha and I supervised :) It is SO fun to see the nursery already starting to come together. Mike said that the reality of twins sunk in when he worked so hard to put one crib together....and then looked over to see that he still had another one to put together. It might be early, but we have waited A LONG time for don't judge us too harshly. And is anybody really surprised that I am working to get things together early?? :)

{five} We have a busy weekend ahead! Tonight we are heading to have Sushi {only veggie rolls for me!} to celebrate our sweet friend DJ's birthday, tomorrow I am heading to a lingerie shower for Amy, and Sunday we have our last Re|Engage discussion for community group. My dad has a board meeting in Dallas, so my parents are coming up for an extended weekend, and we'll be able to spend some time with my dad, but mostly with my mom. It will be a packed but fun weekend!

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