Monday, July 1, 2013

1000 Gifts #184-273

184. Sharing in the celebration of my sister-in-law's baby shower.
185. Sharing in the celebration of my best friend's lingerie shower.
186. A home to share with and host others.
187. People watching. People are funny.
188. Sasha's goofy antics are always funny.
189. Andy on Parks & Recreation. He makes me laugh. Every. Time.
190. Budget and life conversations with my patient husband.
191. Encouragement from a conversation with a friend.
192. Catch-up conversations with my mom.
193. Redemption found in Christ.
194. Forgiveness found in Christ.
195. Identity found in Christ.
196. Peace found in knowing that God is sovereign.
197. Hope knowing that this world is only a temporary home.
198. Knowing that I am loved unconditionally.
199. The ugly-beautiful gift of never ending to-do lists.
200. The ugly {to me} rug in our house that is beautiful to my husband for its cherished memories.
201. When suffering delivers grace.
202. The gift of deeper knowledge of the Word in my Bible-in-a-Year reading plan.
203. The encouragement in Philippians 4 not to be anxious, because "the Lord is near."
204. The gift of reading through the book of Exodus with the women in our church.
205. An empty and quiet house to get some rest and feel better.
206. An empty bottle- plenty of clean, fresh water and drinking more to be healthy.
207. {Somewhat} empty roads- school's out, so less traffic :)
208. Watching my best friend laugh and enjoy her wedding shower.
209. Looking across our living room, recognizing all the Lord has done and provided in the last year.
210. This video made me smile. Dogs > Cats.
211. The gift of time with Jesus in the morning before work.
212. A quick break from the work day.
213. Text message from a friend to finalize details of our catch-up dinner.
214. The painting hanging in our hallway from my bachelorette party- the sweet memories it brings.
215. Freshly painted nails.
216. A beautiful rainbow painted across the sky.
217. A refrigerator full of healthy food.
218. A home full of love and laughter.
219. A puppy full of energy and loyalty.
220. The BBQ at our employee appreciation event.
221. The espresso bean candle that makes the whole house smell heavenly.
222. The smell of freshly cleaned laundry.
223. The unexpected monetary gift from our employee appreciation event!
224. The unwanted side effects of my Crohn's medication that is a constant reminder that it is managing the effects of Crohn's...something to be thankful for and not taken for granted.
225. The unlikely friendships we have developed with our neighbors.
226. "You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word." {Psalm 119:114}
227. Jesus' example of humility {Ephesians 2:5-11}
228. The beauty, majesty, and grace of the statement "I AM who I AM.' {Exodus 3:14}
229. Watching the clouds move across the sky, and the weather blow in.
230. Seeing the Holy Spirit move in the lives of our group members.
231. Storms moving out, sun moving in.
232. The gift of growing up with a Dad who loves Jesus.
233. The gift of having a Dad who taught me the meaning of hard work, generosity, and sacrifice.
234. The gift of having a Dad who instilled in me the value of studying God's Word.
235. Unconditional love from my Heavenly Father.
236. Good gifts from my Heavenly Father.
237. The gift of being adopted into my Heavenly Father's family.
238. The humility that comes from serving.
239. The gratitude that comes from serving.
240. The kindness that is instilled from serving.
241. The excitement of a new engagement.
242. The beauty of the gospel and how it changes lives.
243. My husband :)
244. Light that shines into and exposes the darkness.
245. The later light in the summer.
246. Watching the sun set and cast the last ounces of light on a sunflower field.
247. The gift of the unknown that forces me to trust and rely on my Father.
248. The gift of waiting for an answer that forces me to continually seek my Father.
249. The gift of being in need that forces me to lean on my Father.
250. Fellowship and desserts with the church around our kitchen table.
251. Conversations with my husband around our dinner table.
252. Catching up with friends around our kitchen table.
253. A refreshing glass of iced cold water.
254. Encouraging words from people who love me.
255. The blooming white dogwood tree in our front yard.
256. The gift of wisdom from older women.
257. The gift of understanding of "someone who has been there" from older women.
258. The gift of warning from older women.
259. The cooler, more breathable fabric of summer clothes.
260. The fresh, clean smeal of fabric softener.
261. The quilted squares of fabric that make a beautiful prayer quilt we received for our wedding.
262. Our wedding photos.
263. Our family calendar in our kitchen.
264. The letters we wrote to each other on our wedding day.
265. The gift of saltine crackers on an upset stomach.
266. A homecooked meal eaten with my husband.
267. A celebration of birthday cake with co-workers.
268. The gift of sleeping in on Saturday morning.
269. A surprise going away party for a dear friend who is following God's call to a different state.
270. The gift of lunch catching up with sweet friends.
271. The gift of hearing a friend preach God's Word in truth.
272. The gift of our old couch to my brother for him to use in his new apartment.
273. The gift of time to prepare for our home group.

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