Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wedding Festivities :: Laura's Wedding Day!

The day had finally arrived, and I couldn't have been more excited to celebrate with my sweet friend as she married her love. I woke up remembering how I felt on my own wedding day, praying that Laura would enjoy every minute of her special day.

The Lord cleared the rain, and it was a perfect day. I headed to the Dry Bar for my hair appointment and then met up with the bride to join the "getting ready" fun.

Sweet Melissa was Laura's wedding day hair stylist

Proof I was there, just always behind the camera ;)

After every hair was in place and all the makeup was applied, we then headed to the church. 4pm{ceremony start time} couldn't come fast enough! :)

How sweet is this??

A message for David...

Getting into the dress!

Nicki photo bomb  :)

Reading her letter from David

So beautiful!!

This little guy was adorable in his tux!

As the bride, Laura is wearing the earrings she wore when she was my MOH, and as her MOH, I am wearing the earrings I wore as a bride 2 years ago :)

It would not be an official event with our surprise/excited faces ;)

So pretty...

One last touch up...

And then it was time. I had to put my camera away, so I don't have anything from the actual ceremony or reception. I had a bride to attend to after all! :) I promise to do a {Tying the Knot} post when I am able to purchase photos from Laura's photographer. But trust me when I say that everything was perfect. Every moment of the day was beautiful, and Laura and David are now happily married, soaking up their last few days in Jamaica!

Laura did have a photo booth, so Mike and I made sure to record our attendance ;) So I guess I have these pictures from the reception...

Hehe :)

Laura, I love you sweet friend, and I was beyond blessed to be a part of all the special moments of your day. Like I told you in my MOH speech, I am excited about this new adventure in our friendship as we now both navigate married life together. I am SO happy for you and David, and I hope you had a fantastic honeymoon. I highly recommend them, you know ;)


  1. Love it! Everyone looks so beautiful!

  2. Yay!!!! Thanks so much for all the fun posts, great pictures, sweet memories and kind words. I love you friend!