Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wedding Festivities :: Wedding Day Eve!

Friday was a busy day, full of fun wedding festivities. But we started off the day with a fun treat- manicures and pedicures with the bride! It was SO relaxing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Getting her nails did ;)

Most of the bridesmaids, including Laura's mom and aunts joined in the fun

This just might be Nicki's happy place :)

We had lunch at Brooklyn's so Laura could see some of her out of town family, and then we headed to the church to decorate for the ceremony. We ran a few last-minute errands, and then it was time to get ready for rehearsal!

The Bride and Groom the night before their wedding!

Good looking groomsmen

Adorable ring bearer :)

Listening intently to instructions

Beautiful bridesmaids

Walking in with her brothers

With the happy bride :)

Excited faces!!

Rehearsal was flawless and then we headed to Texas Land & Cattle for a delicious dinner. It was a sweet time with family and friends. David's mom and sister had been working on a slide show of his and Laura's growing up years, and they showed it as a fun surprise at dinner. 

My assigned seat was next to the bride :)

With my love!

Beautiful girls

More beautiful girls. Seriously.

I wasn't even the one getting married and I had a hard time going to sleep because I was so excited! I remember how excited I was the night before I got married, which made me that much more excited for Laura :)

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