Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vacation Weekend

I am so excited to have this week off from work; I definitely could use the break! While it will be filled with fun festivities for Laura's wedding, it's nice not to have to be in the office :)

I started my vacation by coming home to my husband in a cow costume, telling me to get changed, we were heading to Chick Fil A for Cow Appreciation Day!

Is free chicken worth the silly costume? Yes. Yes, it is.

And because we're cool, we hit 3 different Chick Fil A's in the area to stock up on chicken for the weekend. Don't judge us.

My brother came to hang out with us for the weekend, which is always fun. Saturday I had breakfast with Laura, which was a sweet time to catch up before the flurry of wedding activities this week. Mike and I each had a few things we needed to work on, but then we took a break and headed out to McKinney Trade Days. It was SUPER hot, but still fun to walk around and see what people had for sale. We got to see all the puppies for sale, which was my personal favorite :)

Saturday evening, we enjoyed dinner at the Olive Garden (courtesy of a gift card from our sweet landlord), then spent the evening playing games and watching a movie. 

Sunday, Mike was preaching at Mercy Church, a fellow Acts 29 church in Frisco. 

We visited them when we first moved to McKinney, when they were still meeting in a movie theatre. Now, they are meeting in a School of Rock building, and it was encouraging to see how they have grown over the last couple of years. It was definitely fuel in our tanks to see a church a couple steps ahead of us. Mike will be preaching there again next Sunday, and our home group will be joining us as well. We are really excited for them to see a growing church plant, so they can have something tangible to envision. 

This weekend was a great start to vacation time, and I am looking forward to all the fun festivities this week! :)

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