Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday!

{one} Our sweet niece made her debut early!! Little Presley Kate arrived on Tuesday morning, and we were able to go visit her on Wednesday evening. I might be a biased aunt, but she's perfect and absolutely adorable :) Both mom and baby are doing well, and I couldn't be more excited for Ben and Lindsay!

Proud Aunt Erin with precious baby girl!!

{two} I found out this week that the AWP {Average Wholesale Price} of my Humira injections increased. I realize that happens with medications all the time, but when you already rearranged your budget to accommodate a small car payment, a $50 increase is a lot. I know I need to prepare myself for a lifetime of increases, but it's still hard to swallow at first...

{three} Hello work week back after vacation. Kicked. My. Butt. Ha- talk about getting back to reality! Of course, it probably seemed worse because my sweet co-worker was out on vacation this week...but I guess it was only fair since she filled in for me last week :) Some goods news came this week though; I got somewhat of a promotion and a raise!! {hello perfect provision for Humira cost increase!} I knew that I would be receiving added responsibilities with the bank going public, and so we are going to try a few new things in the coming months. While it will certainly mean more work, I am actually excited about the new challenges ahead. The raise is a nice bonus too! :)

{four} Thursday we had our second discussion in the Faith & Culture series at Coffee Squared in downtown McKinney. This sesson's topic was Defining Marriage. Mike did a great job navigating this hot button issue, and we had a great turnout!

{five} This weekend is also our second Vision Night for people to come hear about the direction and vision of our church. We will have BBQ and an opportunity to share what the Lord is doing through Redeemer Church in McKinney. We have a number of people interested in hearing more and possibly joining us in this adventure, so please pray that the Lord would begin to sow the seeds to grow His church!

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