Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm posting at the end of the day, but things have been busy :) Last night was the Bachelorette Party, which was SO much fun! My sweet bridesmaids took me to a place called Painting with a Twist where we were able to each create our own masterpiece ;) It was fun to be creative and just hang out, talk, and laugh with these sweet girls.

I stole these pictures from Nicki's blog, since she was our photographer for the evening ;)

We then headed back to Sami's house for a little late night swim and girl time. It was the perfect evening of relaxing and just enjoying being with sweet friends. I am so blessed to have each of these beautiful ladies (+ Lauren! who will come into town tomorrow) stand beside me on my wedding day.

My parents came into town today, so we were able to have lunch with them and show my dad our house, since he had not seen it yet. While Mike got ready for his Bachelor Party festivities, we were able to get some errands run and things done around the house. It was a fun day hanging out and relaxing, and I am so grateful that everything is done for the wedding so that I can enjoy this sweet time. Though I did mention at dinner tonight that as much as I am glad I am not running around finishing things up, it just seems to make the time go much slower...Friday is taking too long to get here! :)



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