Sunday, June 30, 2013

{iPhone Rewind} :: June

We kicked off June with Laura's Lingerie Shower; it was so fun to decorate and prepare for it!

We had our annual employee appreciation event for our region out at Rock Creek Ranch. We had yummy BBQ from Hutchin's, heard some encouraging words from our Chairman, and received a lot of fun gifts and prizes!

We also enjoyed the dance/vocal talents of Vocal Trash. It was a really fun evening! I certainly feel appreciated :)

I was excited to start the new Exodus study for our women's Bible study group...I have studied Exodus before, so it's nice to have some extra refresher notes.

And speaking of studying...I love to watch my husband study {and I mean that in the least creepy way I can}. He is also walking through the entire Bible {with a more intense format} and he has been diligently taking notes.

It was subtle, but I definitely wore black and silver to work for Game Day 6. Even though they ended up losing in Game 7 {so. sad.} I still LOVE my Spurs!!

There are 2 massive sunflower fields in Allen just off the highway. They are absolutely gorgeous, and so random! Mike had the fun idea of taking some photos in the field for a date night, so we enlisted his sister's help to take the pics.

Mike had the opportunity to lead worship at a church around the corner from our house. We are thankful for our relationship with this sweet Baptist church, and we are hoping the Lord continues to knit us together for His purposes in our neighborhood. {And yes. I snuck a picture in church.}

And since apparently I was a creeper this month, snapping random photos of my is one of Mike leading up our first in a series of Faith & Culture discussions at Coffee Squared in downtown McKinney. We had a great turnout, and we are excited about the rest of the series this summer!


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