Sunday, June 2, 2013

Laura's Lingerie Shower

I was doubly blessed yesterday to get to celebrate my sister-in-law's baby shower, and then my best friend's lingerie shower! I got to host it at our house, and it was a fun evening with sweet friends.

Some pictures of the decor...

Super adorable cupcakes, courtesy of my sister-in-law!

We had a great time, enjoying yummy food and hanging out with friends...

...and playing games...

It was so fun planning this shower for Laura. It's crazy to think that she was planning mine just a couple of years ago, and I love that I got to help plan hers now! :)

All the bridesmaids!

With the bride-to-be! 

Love you, friend! Hope you had a great time and have a fun memory :)


  1. What a great looking party! I love how creative and crafty you are!

  2. It was SO much fun! On the way home Katie and Melissa commented on how fun and
    "tasteful" it was :) Thanks for all your work, everything was beautiful. Love you!!