Saturday, June 15, 2013

Driveway BBQ

We have talked forever about having a BBQ with our sweet neighbors, so we finally put a date on the calendar! Our next door neighbors opened their driveway, our neighbors across the street supplied the fajitas, and we camped out for an evening of food and fellowship!

Grill Master Mingo

We are so thankful for these sweet neighbors. Landon was the first person we met- he showed up when we were moving in! We soon met his mom and older brother, and this sweet family is such a blessing. We have shared meals, helped paint their porch, and we love having them down the street. 

We rarely see Landon without his bike :)

We met Mingo and Stephanie when we moved in {actually, we met their son Keishawn first, since he showed up at our door often!} We have enjoyed getting to know them, and it's nice to have trustworthy neighbors who you know will be looking out for you. Mingo has brought me countless bundt cakes from work {he started bringing them over frequently after I got sick and lost weight- how sweet is that??}, and life on Leland would not be the same without Keishawn knocking on our door all the time :)

We met Lauren and Ray when they started building their house next door. They have been such an incredible blessing to us, and I absolutely LOVE having Lauren in our women's Bible study. She has been such an encouragement to me! It is fun that Mike and Ray go on "man dates," and their little boy Micah adores Mike, always asking if he can go "next doe".

We had a great evening, despite the temperature, and we have already started talking about our next driveway BBQ! :)

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