Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Michael!

Today my baby brother is 26. 26! I can hardly believe it. They grow up so fast...  :)
I am so thankful for my brother. We have a really close relationship, and it has been fun to become friends as adults. I love having him in the DFW area, so I get to see him a little more often than I get to see my parents. We love having him come stay the weekend in McKinney, and I am so thankful that he and Mike have such a good relationship as well.
Me and my brother on my wedding day...he's so cute :)

My brother is truly a big teddy bear; definitely all heart. He truly would give you his right arm {and even offer his left, just in case} if you needed it. Love him so much!
Happy Birthday sweet brother- hope it's a good one!!

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