Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It has been awhile since I have done a High Five for Friday! :)

{one} Things have been crazy busy at work. Since going public, things have naturally picked up, but one of my bosses was out of the country on a mission trip for 2 weeks, so it has been crazy having him back and trying to help him get caught up. Definitely makes for some long and full days, but I am thankful for the work and the busyness.

{two} I have been feeling well lately. My flare-ups seem to be fewer and farther between {praise Jesus!}, and most often seem related to what I am eating now. So as long as I stay on top of that and eat well, I do pretty well! Since Humira is a TNF blocker {and therefore works to reduce the inflammation caused by Crohn's}, it can lower my immune system's ability to fight infections. It has been nothing short of a miracle that I have not been sick more often, but  I have started experiencing some of the effects of being more prone to infection. I would certainly covet your continued prayers of protection.

{three} Yesterday after work, I met Mike at a Chamber of Commerce event, a "New Members" showcase. We decided that Mike {as lead pastor of Redeemer Church} should join the Chamber as a way to network and meet people in the community. It was a great public way to start getting our name out there! We're trying to find ways to engage people in the community and share our heart and vision {more on this to come this summer!}, because we want to be available to serve and pray for the people we meet. And speaking of Redeemer Church...this week, we mailed off our certificate of formation for our church as a non-profit. The Lord has graciously provided godly men to step up as board members, and it's a big step toward becoming an officially recognized church in the state of Texas!

{four} Can I get a shout out for the SPURS?!?! Lovd this article about their win last night..."If you’re a Heat fan you might be a little worried- the Spurs just beat you in your style of game. In your building."  :) This is our year {again}. I can feel it. Go Spurs Go!

{five} Tonight I am heading to dinner with the sweet girls from the Bible study I led in the 20s group at Woodcreek- we're having a reunion! I am so excited to see these sweet girls and catch up with them :)

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