Saturday, June 1, 2013

1000 Gifts #91-183

91. "Taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him." {Psalm 34:8}
92. The taste of sweet tea on a warm afternoon.
93. Dinner with a sweet family from our home group, talking life and Jesus.
94. A warm blanket on an abnormally cold morning in May.
95. The invitations for my sweet friend Laura's lingerie shower!
96. Tickets to the Andrew Peterson concert for my love.
97. The ability through the Spirit to seek and speak truth in love.
98. The humble reminder of how difficult I can be before the Lord in my own selfishness and sin.
99. The reminder that God loved me in my own difficult state.
100. The ability to sleep in {a little} before heading out to serve a neighbor.
101. Sweet time of prayer and studying with the Lord.
102. A warm cup of {decaf} coffee to start the day.
103. The sign we put out on our mailbox each Sunday to welcome people into our home for church.
104. The smiles of friends, who we didn't know 2 years ago, but are now building a church together.
105. The snacks a group member brought today so we didn't have to provide it.
106. Salvation found in Christ.
107. Hope and purpose found in Christ.
108. Love and grace found in Christ.
109. A sweet little rent house that we have made our home in the first years of our marriage.
110. The ability to open our home for Bible study and church services.
111. The gift of sharing a home with the one I love :)
112. The variety of clothes hanging in my closet, an abundant provision from the Lord.
113. The variety of shoes sitting in my closet, also an abundant provision from the Lord.
114. The box full of sweet notes from my husband.
115. Quiet rest.
116. Late night conversations with my husband to catch up on the day.
117. The light that always pierces into the dark, a reminder of hope and mercy.
118. Soft rain falling outside.
119. The warm, dry comforts of inside.
120. Blueberry muffins flipped over out of the muffin tin.
121. Parents who love Jesus and love me.
122. Parents who live in the same state, within driving distance, and who are willing to come visit! 
123. Parents who were always {and are still} involved in my life.
124. My Bible held during the church service.
125. Holding my husband's hand while walking to lunch with our parents.
126. A small cup of ice cream before bedtime.
127. The gift of a close friendship with my mom, knowing that I can go to her with/for anything.
128. The fact that my mom is my opposite in every way, constantly challenging and encouraging me.
129. The gift that my mom is the woman of God I desperately want to be.
130. Picking up the house to get ready for women's Bible study.
131. Putting our weekly groceries away.
132. Putting back the pillows and blankets we took out for our guests this weekend.
133. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
134. I am a new creation in Jesus.
135. I am His, and He is mine.
136. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” {2 Cor. 12:9}
137. "When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul." {Psalm 94:19}
138. "For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast." {Ephesians 2:8-9}
139. The gift of a girls' night out for dinner and coffee with sweet new friends.
140. The gift of having a boss who loves Jesus and wants to make an impact for the kingdom in McKinney and around the world.
141. Free coffee during opening week of the new Seattle's Best drive thru!
142. The gift of seeing God change and grow our home group.
143. The gift of having a Sunday morning to sleep in and relax!
144. The gift of not having to shave my legs as often {side effect of Humira is hair loss}
145. The change to grow in faith with my parents, as we all became believers around the same time.
146. Decent {though cheesy} television shows like Saved by the Bell and Full House.
147. Growing up near both sets of grandparents and most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins.
148. The sweet hot chocolate that is often times my coffee substitute these days.
149. Sweet conversations with my mother-in-law.
150. The baked lays that I can still eat because they are made from potatoes {not corn}.
151. The sweet and pure innocence of a little child.
152. Lunch and a sweet time to catch up with my sister-in-law.
153. Safety in the midst of crazy thunder/wind storms.
154. My sweet husband...he's not just funny, but above average funny ;)
155. Myself...I had told a friend I could take her kids to school and definitely showed up on the wrong day. Gotta be able to laugh at yourself :)
156. Buster on Arrested Development. Can't help it- I think he's hilarious!
157. The encouragement and maturing of my faith found only in community.
158. The joy of serving and discipling one another in community.
159. The ability to pray for one another and carry each other's burdens
160. Enjoying a dinner out with my love.
161. Time to walk along the Kemah boardwalk for a fun date!
162. The free necklace I received in the mail from Caroline G.
163. When I am in waiting mode {always hard for me}.
164. Safe travel home from our Houston getaway.
165. A tax refund that went toward the purchase of a new couch.
166. Flip flops- tis the season finally!
167. The white plate of warm cookies for our home group.
168. A whispered "I love you."
169. A day off of work for both of us.
170. Lunch and games with sweet friends.
171. My patient and loving husband.
172. The ability to catch up on work tasks while my boss is away serving on a mission trip.
173. A sweet co-worker and fellow Executive Assistant who makes the work day better.
174. Feeling a sense of accomplishment in the tasks I can complete for my bosses.
175. Snuggles with my puppy before work...she's depressed that she can no longer sleep under our coffee table since we got a new couch and ottoman.
176. Lunch with my husband to break up the work day.
177. Listening to the rain fall on a quiet evening at home.
178. Blue skies after a few days of grey and cloudy skies.
179. Blue Sharpie pens- writing perfection.
180. Soft blue pajama pants after a long day at work.
181. Wrapping a gift for my sister-in-law's baby shower, for my niece-tobe!
182. Time preparing and setting up for my best friend's shower!!
183. Wrapping a gift for Laura's lingerie shower.

**Not all of the gifts match the prompts this month, but I think that's ok. I had a lot of specific things to be thankful for, that didn't require a prompt!

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