Friday, May 31, 2013

{iPhone Rewind} :: May

Yes- it was 37 {but with a wind chill that made it feel like 32!}. In May. In Texas. So this was my sad face for having to pull out my coat and scarf again. Maybe we're just skipping spring altogether and going straight to summer...

I came across FREE tickets to the Andrew Peterson concert and had to get a couple for Mike; he really enjoys Andrew Peterson's music. We were able to have a fun date night and even ran into some sweet friends while we were there!

I got to help Laura assemble and stuff her wedding invitations!! Only a couple more months until the wedding :)

One of the sweet neighborhood kids came over to hang out with us for a little while and decided to add to our grocery list. Apparently we need cookies and...lettuce :)

Our new President and COO is Norwegian, so a customer sent a sweet treat to the office in celebration of Norwegian Constitution Day {May 17} :)
Mike led worship for Woodcreek's youth group and college group; it was a sweet time of reconnecting with his old students!

This particular Saturday was filled with cleaning, laundry, bridal shower prep, etc. At one point I realized it was too pretty to spend the whole day inside, so Sasha and I took a break outside. She loves just sitting in the sun!

Mike sent me these pictures from the crazy thunder/wind storms we had. He and Sasha bunkered down in the bathroom for awhile to ride out the storm. We lost power at work and had to re-latch the rooftop access, but other than that we were ok.

There were down tree limbs all over, several of our neighbors lost carports, and we lost power for awhile. So thankful everyone was safe!

We have watched this tiny building being built and wondered what on earth would even fit in that tiny space...and then we were pleasantly surprised to find it's a drive-thru Seattle's Best Coffee! Opening week they had FREE coffee, so I definitely took advantage on more than one occasion :)
We I finally broke down and decided it was time to get a new couch. We had already decided that we were going to use some of our tax refund for one, but held off for awhile. We got a great deal on it during a Memorial Day sale, and we are excited to have more space for people to sit! {Excuse the mis-matched rug and pillows...we will need to figure out a better color scheme at some point}

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