Friday, May 17, 2013


This week, we wrapped up our women's Bible study. We have been walking through the book of Genesis since the beginning of November {I know, awkward time to start a Bible's just how the calendar fell}. I love this book, and I really enjoyed this study. It was a blessing to walk through the "beginning" with these women, some for the first time, most in a deeper way.
I mentioned before how there were some challenges along the way. But I have seen God's faithfulness to perseverance! The fact that we ended strong with 7 women {remember, there were many nights when it was 1 or 2 haha} was an encouragement to my heart :) But more than that, I have seen these women grow in their knowledge/understanding of the Word and, more importantly, in their relationships with God. I thought I would share some of the things that were shared as we wrapped up the study, as a testament to God's faithfulness and a record of many answers to prayer!
Many of the women were surprised to find Jesus in the Old Testament. Whether it was in instances of the Trinity or in Christ-like figures and character, it was exciting to see how the two testaments relate and seamlessly tell the story of redemption through Jesus...even way back in Genesis :) So many times we look at the stories of the Old Testament, with the lists of hard-to-pronounce names and strange-to-us laws, and we can be tempted to skip over them. I mean, those things aren't really relevant to us today in McKinney, TX 2013...right? And yet, we saw over and over how that sentiment couldn't have been farther from the truth. The Old Testament is absolutely relevant to us and is filled with truth treasures. It is something the Lord revealed to me many years ago, but it was so encouraging to see the excitement and wonder from the women in the group!
Another thing that was shared was how God has changed our perspective on reading through His Word. It's not a book about us and the truths we can pull from it to apply to our lives {though application is important!} Instead, it is a book about our loving Creator, His character and how He invites us into a life with Him. So we don't throw application out the window {far from it!}, but we do seek to know who God is and how we can change our lives to fit into His plans. The cool thing to me was seeing the character and nature of God, unchanging throughout eternity. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Genesis is filled with all kinds of crazy characters, and yet we saw over and over God's patience and faithfulness, His grace and redemption. God fulfills all of His promises, and He uses ordinary {and sinful} people to accomplish His good plans. It really gave each of us a "big picture" perspective. As one girl put it, "God is going to accomplish His plans no matter what; how much heartache or joy do you want to experience along the way?" How incredible that God uses us to be a part of what He is doing!
We are taking a short break and then will be starting a new study in June: Exodus. Why not continue the story? :) I am excited to walk through this study with these women, and I cannot wait to see how God uses His Word to teach and mold us into the women He desires us to be!

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