Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Sasha!

Today is Sasha's 6th Birthday. My sweet puppy is growing up so fast! She might be finally starting to calm down a bit...though it's certainly relative :)

My sweet baby girl :)
To her {and Mike's training} credit, she has grown up SO much in the past 2 years. She is definitely more behaved than those first few chaotic fun years. But she is still as loving and loyal as she has ever been. She still LOVES people and never meets a stranger. She still thinks she is a 15 pound lap dog {even though she's nearly 80 pounds} and LOVES snuggling more than anything in the world. Except maybe peanut butter. That's a close tie.
She waits SO patiently to eat her treat...she hates every second of it {as if we're torturing her}, but she does it :)

Mom, seriously...enough with the pictures. You're interrupting my nap.

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