Friday, November 16, 2012

On Health & Doctors...Continued

I blogged back in September about the stomach/intestinal issues I had been having off and on for the past couple of years. After finally seeing a doctor of internal medicine, they found H.Pylori, and so we set out on the long 2 weeks of intense antibiotic treatment in hopes that that would be the answer.

The sad news is that it doesn't seem to be the fix we had hoped for. This past week, I battled stomach/intestinal pain, probably at the worst it has been. It has been fairly debilitating in the past, but I have always been able to power through or have been lucky to experience the worst of it on a weekend; this week, however, I had to miss a day of work because I could hardly move.

The good news is that I was able to get an appointment to meet with my internal medicine doctor right away. I expected it was just going to be a stepping stone, and I was right when he said that my next step was to go to a GI specialist. Mike said that I needed a specialist because I was special haha. But really, my history should tell me that I shouldn't be surprised by off-the-wall diagnoses and uber-specialized doctors. :)

The sweet doctor seemed genuinly disappointed that the antibiotics for H. Pylori did not fix the problem. But I am thankful that he could make the referral; I have that appointment on December 12th. But in the meantime, he was able to give me a pain reliever that seems to have helped, in case I have any more attacks before we find answers.

So if you think about it, I would appreciate the prayers. The Lord has been abundantly faithful to provide, and He is my ultimate Healer. I am just ready for some answers and really would like to identify the issue before it becomes more serious.


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