Thursday, November 29, 2012

{12 Dates of Christmas} :: A Fireside Date

{On the 3rd date of Christmas, my true love planned for me...A Fireside Date}

Date:  A Fireside Date, Home

Cost:  Free

It's funny to me that in my last apartment I had both a garage and a fireplace. Now in our rent house, we have neither. Maybe someday ;) Anyway, Mike found a netflix movie that literally is just a camera set up in front of someone's fireplace. So we joke about our little makeshift fireplace...we turn on our little space heater and the netflix fireplace movie, and it's almost like the real thing. At least that's what we tell ourselves...

For this date, we made dinner together, and then spent the evening snuggled up by the Christmas tree and the fire. Simple. But perfect.


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