Monday, November 12, 2012

An Unexpected Vet Visit

Saturday morning I took an unexpected trip to the vet office. Thankfully it wasn't anything too serious, but my poor baby had a fairly traumatic morning! Earlier in the week, I had thought I was going to have to take her in because of the MASSIVE amounts of halloween candy she ate. She thankfully didn't get into anything chocolate, but we didn't quite realize how many skittles and pixie sticks she had consumed until it all started coming back up...

So it was funny to me as I headed to the vet on Saturday morning that we were going in for something totally unrelated to how sick she has been the past few days. When she came inside, she was whining a lot. (Not necessarily unusual for Sasha ;) ) But when she literally whine-moaned for 30 seconds straight and handed me her limp paw, I knew something was up.

Apparently she had caught her nail on something and it had broken way far down at the base. She wouldn't really let me touch it or inspect it really well, and she was favoring that foot pretty heavily.

Not sure how well you can see it in this pic (or even want to), but it was literally at a 90 degree angle.

I googled to see if there was any advice on what to do and then I called the vet; I mean, it's just a toenail, so I didn't want to overreact. Plus, we can't necessarily afford a vet bill right now. But since a dog's toenail breaking that far down can be incredibly painful and can cause infection if not taken care of, I decided to take her in.

I knew she was in a lot of pain when she was unusually well-behaved at the vet's office. Most of the time she sat right next to me with her head in my lap or right at my feet on the waiting room floor. The additional cat and dog in the waiting room didn't seem to phase her.

Again, this wasn't anything serious and was a simple (and thankfully inexpensive) fix. But when the vet came in and said it looked bad and for me to ignore any puppy screams from the back about ripping my heart out! It was so awful to listen to, even though I know it was good for her haha. Pitiful can't even describe it. What in the world am I going to do when it's something serious...or what am I going to do when I have kids??

They got her all fixed up, and she definitely received a lot of sympathy love!

I can't help it...she's my fur baby ;)


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  1. Oh you know this post speaks to my heart. I'm sure it won't surprise you to know that Carter has completely ripped off one of his toe nails before. He did it while he was kenneled at the vet so we weren't around, but it has never grown back in the same way since. Poor Sasha -- glad she is okay -- too funny about the Halloween candy!!