Friday, November 30, 2012

{iPhone Rewind} :: November

November was jam-packed full of friends, family, and events; the end of the year is quickly approaching!

My friend Austen's adorable baby girl Michal is a baby model for Zulily. Of course she is. Her older brother Marc and her mother are both models. :)

Sasha decided to eat her weight in Halloween candy. Thankfully there was no chocolate.

Holiday drinks came out at Starbucks!! :)

Our sweet nephew Luke received a HUGE pooh bear from an aunt. It was really fun because when you press his belly, he talks and laughs!

Of course, we ended up at the vet for a broken toenail. There was a lot of trauma, but she seemed to be ok.

And then Sasha decided to eat our bananas. She apparently didn't learn her lesson with the Halloween candy.

We received a belated wedding present from Mike's aunt. It was really sweet and incredibly generous! I got to make my first batch of cookies in it, and I can't wait to use it more!

I had Baylor Spirit for the football game against #1 Kansas State (all the way down to my fingernails!) So proud to be a bear! ;)

I helped put out Christmas decorations at work...I love this time of year!

We started the {12 Dates of Christmas}!

Mike brought me home this adorable (and delicious!) snowman cookie. Yum!

Mike celebrated his 31st birthday this year; I was able to take off work, so we had a picnic lunch in Erwin Park, went to see Lincoln, and had dinner at Uncle Julio's. Happy Birthday my love!


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