Saturday, December 1, 2012

{12 Dates of Christmas} :: Some Rink Time

{On the 4th date of Christmas, my true love planned for me...Some Rink Time}

Date:  Ice Skating, Dr Pepper Star Center McKinney

Cost:  $10 (thank you Groupon!)

Because Texas has mild winters (today was definitely 80 degrees outside), we have to do our winter ice skating indoors. I found a Groupon for the Dr Pepper Star center, so Mike and I headed out for an afternoon of ice skating! Neither Mike or I particularly love ice skating, but it was just a fun and different date activity.

I can't even remember the last time I went ice skating (high school maybe?), so it was definitely a date filled with our fair share of laughs :)

I am proud to say that we both managed to keep our balance and avoid falling on the ice. We may not do too much ice skating in the future...but it was a fun wintery-type experience haha :)


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