Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Post With All the Christmas Festivities

I have to be honest and say that it hasn't really felt much like Christmas these past few weeks. Part of it is because it has been in the 80s for most of the time, and didn't actually get cold until Christmas Eve (but good timing, right?). And part of it has been the whirlwind of events, dealing with my health, and still having to work through most of the time. P.S. working on Christmas Eve should be outlawed. Just saying :)

But despite how different things may have felt this year, we still were able to enjoy LOTS of fun Christmas activities. And I just have to say that I am SO thankful for flexible families. Both sides are wonderful when it comes to scheduling holiday events, and I realize what an incredible blessing that truly is. I was sad to miss out on big family Christmas with my side of the family, as we didn't make it down to San Antonio this year. But I was really excited to have my brother and parents here for a little bit!

On Sunday, we headed over to the McCulloughs for Christmas #1. We were able to spend time with all the kids and exchange gifts.

It was what she had always wanted!


It was also fun to have my brother join us for the festivities. He wasn't able to head down to San Antonio either because of work and a roommate move/change, so he camped out at our house for the week. After work on Christmas Eve, we enjoyed a little family game time and Christmas movie watching. We made dinner together, watched the Christmas Eve service at CF, and had a relaxing evening hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

We had a huge thunderstorm roll in overnight, so I spent Christmas Eve curled up next to the Christmas tree and a scared pup. Guess Sasha got a Christmas wish too ;) The fun part of the thunderstorm was that it finally brought colder temperatures. And we actually had a white Christmas!

Christmas day we got to sleep in, and we enjoyed a Christmas breakfast and Skype date with my parents. We then headed over to Bryan & Christa's new house to enjoy an afternoon and dinner with family for Christmas #2.

Elizabeth wanted her daddy to paint Uncle Mike's with purple sparkles. That's a good daddy and a good uncle! ;)

A fun round of Taboo!

I headed back to work on Wednesday while my parents made the trek up from San Antonio. I was able to take the rest of the week off, which was nice to take a break and actually slow down for Christmas. We got to do Christmas with my parents and brother, with a full weekend of fun activities!

The boys were outfitted in camo for their next hunting trip!

Mom with her Starbucks goodies!

Dad shopping at Cabela's for his Christmas present :)

On Friday we headed out for some good old fashioned bowling fun. It's always fun to have a little friendly competition!

We also had my aunt, uncle, and cousins over for dinner and a game night. It was good to spend some time with them and finally have them over to our house! We played a few rounds of 4 on the couch, guys vs. girls- which was a fun end to the day!

The guys emerged the victors!

Saturday we went to see Les Miserables- which my mom and I thoroughly enjoyed, and the boys were kind enough to endure for our sake ;) We spent the rest of the evening playing games and hanging out.

Sunday Mike preached at CF, so it was fun to have my family here to hear him. He spoke from Titus 2 about resolutions, and how as Christians our resolutions should be distinct from the rest of the world. It was such a good reminder of the grace and purpose we live in Christ. His sermon will be available online in a couple of days! :)

We also had an intentional time of prayer for our home group and the future of our church plant. It was such a sweet time to spend in prayer together, and we are so excited for the changes coming in 2013. Don't forget to join us in our Pray nine3eight campaign for the first 100 days of the year!

Sunday evening we wrapped up a fun week of activities with a trip to the Spurs vs. Mavericks game. I had bought tickets for Mike for Christmas, so we were able to enjoy a fun family event ;) Our house is certainly divided when it comes to basketball, but it's so much fun!

A house divided!

Spurs, Mavericks, Lakers :)

It was certainly a FULL week of fun activities! We loved having my parents in town and it was sad to see them go. But it was a fantastic way to wrap up 2012! :)


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