Saturday, December 22, 2012

{12 Dates of Christmas} :: Movie Night Out

{On the 8th date of Christmas, my true love planned for me...A Movie Night Out}

Date:  Movie Night Out

Cost:  $15 (Again, thank you Groupon!)

So with the craziness of being sick and taking a hospital visit, and with the busyness of Christmas upon us, several of our Christmas dates were/will have to be put on hold. We're still going to try and complete as many as we can, but we lost tickets for one of the dates, so we may not be able to catch up on all of sad. Maybe next year. I will still list the dates here for ideas, even if we don't complete all of them.

Last night, we went to see The Hobbit. We have a theatre near us that has pretty cheap tickets, but it is pretty old, which means sticky floors, odd smells, and no stadium seating (haha- how spoiled have we become!) Anyway, I wanted to spring for the nicer theatre down the road, but when I came across a deal on Groupon to get a movie ticket for the Studio Movie Grill + a drink for $6 each, I couldn't pass it up! It's a brand new theatre, and it was kind of fun! We enjoyed the movie, and it was a fun date night after the craziness of the past week.


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