Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Embryo Adoption :: Blood Work

The nurse called this morning with my blood work results. I wasn't expecting to hear anything until tomorrow, so it was a nice surprise to get the results back early!

So the good news first: My thyroid and prolactin levels came back normal {yay!} and my vitamin D level came back really high! That's the first time in YEARS that my vitamin D level was not only normal, but really good. I consistently battle low vitamin D because of Crohn's, so I was shocked when the nurse told me my numbers. She even commented that it's the highest level she has seen in awhile. Such a blessing!

And now the bad news: My hemoglobin A1C came back at 5.7, which is at the lower range of being pre-diabetic. Boo! I know I don't get the benefit of normal, but it would be nice to not always have random health issues pop up...

As we prepare for a transfer and look ahead to a pregnancy, I will take medication {at a low dose} to lower that number. It's not the most ideal, but the best and safest option for me as I seek to get pregnant. I will stay on it for at least as long as I am with my RE. But there is the possibility that I can wean off the medication when I switch over to my OB. So it's not a long term deal, for which I am grateful. 

In the meantime, I will also start focusing a little more on my diet and exercise. Because of my other dietary restrictions, I have probably increased my sugar intake {I love me some sweet tea!}, simply because it's something that I can eat without causing any Crohn's issues. And I have become fairly lax with my exercise. So I think if I focus a little more on that, I should be able to lower those levels naturally and eventually come off the medication. 

I just have to always be mindful of ALL areas of my health; I don't get a free pass on anything and have to be super diligent about my health. To be honest, that's slightly frustrating and discouraging. And I don't love being on yet another medication. But if it means a healthy pregnancy, I am willing to do anything!

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