Monday, February 22, 2016

A Year in the Psalms

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I was going to be digging through the Psalms in my personal quiet time. I'm only a couple months in, and it has been such a huge blessing! It has been salve to my soul, and I am glad I chose this companion devotional by Tim Keller to go along with my studies:

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I have also been listening to the Psalms II album by Shane & Shane. I have always loved their music, and I really appreciate this particular album. They have written lyrics that coincide with each chosen Psalm, and each song is just rich with truth. I find myself singing these songs throughout the day. I want them to write a song for every single Psalm! :)

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And then my sweet husband surprised me with this fun gift: a Psalms coloring book! It's the perfect compliment to my time in the Psalms, and it fills my creative cup.

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It may seem like A LOT of the Psalms, but it really has been a fun way to dig deeper and really, truly meditate on the verses throughout the day. I think there should be a complimenting music album and coloring book for every book in the Bible! Maybe I'm on to something....   :)

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