Saturday, February 6, 2016

Embryo Adoption :: Officially Started Transfer Cycle!

Today I officially started our transfer cycle!! :)

I called my RE to schedule my sonogram lining check, and tomorrow I will start my meds. There's a lot, so I usually print out a calendar to keep everything straight. I found this cute calendar printable here, and then set to work at outlining my medication and appointment schedule.

I feel like I have my own little pharmacy running. It's a little sad how much medication I am taking right now, but I am reminding myself that it's temporary. Some medications I will continue taking for Crohn's and other underlying health issues. Others will specifically be to prep my body for a frozen embryo transfer {FET}. I at least got to drop off my birth control pill {which I take for endometriosis}. 

Medication List

For Crohn's/other underlying health issues:
  • Humira- 40mg injection, every other week; I will continue this medication throughout my pregnancy, as the risks of going off the medication and developing a Crohn's flare are higher than the risks to stay on it
  • Cyanocobalamin {B-12} injections- 1mL injection, once a month; I will continue taking these shots to keep my B-12 level up
  • Vitamin D supplements- every day; I will continue taking these supplements to keep my Vitamin D level up
  • Cabergoline- 0.25mg twice a week; I will continue this medication until I get a positive pregnancy test. This medication regulates my prolactin levels.
  • Metformin- 750mg every day; I will continue this medication at least as long as I am being monitored by my RE. This medication regulates my hemoglobin A1C number {monitoring for diabetes}. Hopefully I can wean off this medication when I graduate to my OB/GYN
For the FET:
  • Estrace- I will take this medication in increasing amounts every day {from 2mg to 6mg}. This medication helps to build the lining of my uterus, and helps my body prepare for a transfer.
  • Progesterone in Oil- After my lining check and we know that my body is ready for a transfer, I will take this medication in increasing amounts every day {from 0.5mL to 1.5mL}. This medication helps maintain a pregnancy.
  • Prenatal Vitamin- every day; for the last few years, I have just been taking the Target brand prenatal vitamins. My doctor decided to prescribe me the vitaMedMD One Rx prenatal, just to make sure my body was absorbing all the nutrients it will need. So much for my gummy vitamins :)

So. Many. Meds.

Round 3. Here we go!

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