Sunday, January 31, 2016

{iPhone Rewind} :: January

Sasha was just chillin', resting her chin on a table. No big deal. Crazy pup.

I am so excited about this new devotional! I plan to spend my mornings digging into the Psalms, and I think this book is going to really help me.

I stopped at Panera for a quick dinner to celebrate 3 years of remission from active Crohn's. While I still have bad days, I am thankful for God's provision, good doctors, and medicine.

This was all that was left of the pigeon that hit my windshield. It was so traumatic to hit a bird, but he was the only one of his friends that didn't move out of the street fast enough...

Date #2: Game Night! #wcsavethedate16

My sweet sister-in-law made each of us our own blanket for Christmas, and I have used it non-stop. It's so warm and soft!

A co-worker gifted me white chocolate biscotti for Christmas. It was so delicious that I asked for the recipe and decided to try my hand at it. So yummy! #coffeeandbiscotti

Ya'll. The invention of gummy vitamins is the best. It's such an easier way for me to 1) remember to take my vitamins, and 2) want to take my vitamins. I figure that since all my other medications have to come through injection, I'm allowed the free pass from swallowing pills (something I hate). Love me some gummy vitamins!

Date #3: Breakfast at Poor Richard's Cafe! #wcsavethedate16 

We went out with Ben and Lindsay and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Silver Fox. The leftovers were just as yummy!

I thought this was kind of fun...I was searching for a mantel wood sign on Etsy and one of my own listings popped up on the first page! So fun :)

Miss Henley Caroline made her debut and we were so excited to meet her!

This time of year means Girl Scout cookies!! #yum #thinmintsarethebest

Going through a memory box makes for a fun afternoon with my love :)

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