Monday, January 11, 2016

Craft Corner Makeover

I have absolutely LOVED having the craft desk my husband made for me. It has been used a lot lately, and it's so nice to have everything at my fingertips :)

I have wanted to reorganize my little craft corner for awhile now, as I have found that my previous setup did not make as much sense as I knew it could. So I set to work to reorganize! {a perfect new year project, right?}

Of course, it looked like a wreck before it got better...

It got much worse than this, but I was too deep in the mess to take photos :)

I had some gift cards from Christmas, so I was able to purchase a couple of extra organization items to aid in the makeover. Once everything had a place that made sense, I decorated a bit and love the end result!

I love this little corner of our house! Doesn't it make you want to create all kinds of fun crafty things?? It's definitely my little happy corner :)  And I'm really thankful my sweet husband supports my creativity!

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