Friday, January 15, 2016

You Are Ours

I follow a private Facebook group for embryo adoption. One of the member's husband wrote a song to help process the loss of their embryos. I think it's absolutely perfect. It's simple, but expresses exactly how we have felt in losing our 6 embryos.

We never even met and yet you meant so much to us
Some say you're insignificant, no bigger than some dust
But you're loved by God, and your mom and dad
I never even dreamed about the impact that you'd have
You brought us so much hope, and when you left we felt so sad
But you're now with God, and in Him we trust

You were ours. You are ours.

Your lives, they really counted. They were real, but not real long
Though longer than some think, cause lots of people, they are wrong
And you're loved by God, and you're loved by us
So we acknowledge life, and yours we never will forget
You mean so much to us although we never even met
And you're now with God, and in Him we trust


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