Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Embryo Adoption :: McCullough, Party of 12!

Today the final contracts came in, so we are now the legal owners of 4 more precious embryos!! 

{Me + Mike + 6 previously adopted embryos + 4 new embryos = 12}  :)

As I mentioned with our last embryo adoption, there are no laws that specifically govern embryo "adoption" agreements. We signed property contracts, not official adoption agreements. Any birthed children will legally be our children. But to us, we are already the parents to these tiny lives. 

So this time around, we're praying for 4 children to raise. We still have to have some conversations with my doctor regarding details, but if we transfer 2 at a time like we did last time, we'll be praying for 2 sets of twins :)

We pray that we get to meet all 4 this side of heaven, but we also know {now more than ever}, that these tiny lives are in God's hands. But since we have been entrusted with these tiny ones, we will do everything in our power to keep them safe and offer them the best chance at life.

Who would have thought we would have 10 total children??  ;)

I bought another living locket with 4 unique snowflakes to represent our snowflake babies. I had bought one with our last 6 embryos, but some of the rhinestones had fallen out. But I thought it was fitting to have a whole new necklace for our new embryos. Just like with the last locket, I will wear it until all of our babies are no longer frozen.

So now we wait for shipping coordination to happen between the two clinics. Our babies will be coming all the way from Virginia! 

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