Friday, October 4, 2013

{Flashback Friday} :: High School Freshman

I mentioned a few months ago receiving an invitation in the mail for my 10 year high school reunion. Mike and I will travel to San Antonio to attend that event this month. I think it will be fun to catch up with people, to see "where they are now." Plus it gives us an excuse to see my parents :)

As we get closer to the reunion, I decided to pull out some old yearbooks and scrapbooks for fun. It's always entertaining to look back at old pictures of yourself! So in honor of my 10 year reunion, I thought I would share some photos from my high school years at San Antonio Christian Schools {SACS}. You're welcome :)

{Disclaimers on the grainy/not so great photos: 1) these photos were taken back in the days before digital photography and you didn't get to see your photo until you picked it up from the photo lab, and 2) my scanning capabilities are not up to par when I am trying to make a scrapbook fit on our tiny scanner bed!}
First up today: Freshman year. I was the definition of the skinny awkward kid haha. Popularity was not my game, though by the time I hit high school, it didn't seem to bother me as much. I was part of the last freshman class to be at the Burwood high school campus, before they built the K-12 campus out on Renner Road.

Definitely rocked the 90s bangs. And apparently had not grown into my ears yet??
We didn't have prom at my school {hello, small private Christian school}, but instead we had banquets. The cool thing was that we had 2 each year, and it was open to all grade levels. Our freshman year, most people just went with a group of friends, which was a fun way to get dressed up and "party" with your friends. {And by "party" I mean enjoying a sit down meal and classical music while mingling with your friends at a fancy hotel downtown. Super classy.}
Christmas Banquet, circa 1999
I was fairly active in my church's youth group, attending Bible studies, service projects, and even going on a few mission trips. We had several changes in youth leadership throughout my high school years, which was slightly disappointing, but I was thankful that a lot of my friends from school were my friends in youth group as well. 

Mission trip to Tecate, Mexico
I also tried out for and made the varsity girls' soccer team. Our season actually ran during the winter {can you believe it? me running around in shorts during the winter??}, but I LOVED every minute of it. My soccer days are some of my favorite memories from high school. I had the best coach, who not only helped condition us to play the game, but also poured into us spiritually.

Sweet friends, loading up on salad and pasta the night before a game

Varsity Girls Soccer, Winter 1999-2000

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